Handmade Flower Candle

An Elegant Bloom to Brighten the Room

A sweet combination of rose water, bright citrus, and spicy vanilla

gift price: $14.00


This beautiful, eye-catching Handmade Flower Candle has a base made with pure soy wax and coconut oil and the floral embellishment is created with a wax and paraffin wax blend. It is scented with phthalate-free premium fragrance oil.

Gift this dreamy blooming bud with no gardening tools required ;)

about the company

Driven to discover the beauty of nature surrounding us, ZOET STUDIO is dedicated to cactus, succulent, and floral designs. We hand-make our sophisticated candles with care and love in our Vancouver, Canada studio. Our work is fresh, full of color, and utterly unique. Light one of the stunning soy candles to fill a space with sweet fragrance. Or if you just can’t bear to watch the beautiful thing melt, let it live on as decor.

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