These are about to be the happiest. holidays. ever.

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Our fave design and gift combos

Copy of 4 christmas confetti

Say Merry Christmas

To Those With Alllllll The Spirit

If they start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. If they own more than one full Santa Claus suit. Send something that matches their love of Christmas! Our FaLaLaLa print filled with special Christmas confetti will go perfect under the tree.

Copy of 4 hanukkah confetti

Say Happy Hanukkah

To Those You Love A Latke

Whether you send one or eight, this gift has you covered for Hanukkah! Celebrate the holiday with our beautiful, special edition Hanukkah confetti and a perfectly paired Holiday Blues print!

Copy of 4 dark chocolate brownie

Say Let It Snow

To The Sweetest Snow Bunny

Why walk through a Winter Wonderland when you could hop?! There’s no better gift for the little ones in your life than a Lucky Guy Brownie surrounded by Whimsical Trees.

4 tiny celebration confetti %281%29

Say It’s Celebration Time!

To Those Who Love A Little Flash

A print so pretty it could only be complemented by pure gold. Confetti that shines so bright it could only be contained by a million presents in one. Who can be sure which came first? The only thing we know is that this combination makes for a happier holiday!

4 woodfire candle %281%29

Say Let’s Cuddle Up

To Your Mistletoe Buddy ;)

This is how you play hot and cold in a good way! Recreate the experience of a snow day spent next to a cozy fire when Snowflake Print + Woodfire Candle combine.