These are about to be the happiest. holidays. ever.

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Our fave design and gift combos

Send Christmas Tree Flair

To Anyone Who Could Use Some Love on Display

Moments this special deserve a place on the tree, and these Photo Frame Ornaments will perfectly fit the photos from your Greetabl card. They'll look fabulous on trees, walls, WFH desks, and anywhere that love is welcome!


Send a Perfect Present that Pops

To Your Sweets Loving Squad

Peppermint + Hot Chocolate + Popcorn = oh my! This dairy-free, gluten-free scrumptious snack is perfect for everyone on your list.

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Send a Guardian Angel

To Your Tiny Faraway Favorites

Distance can't keep you apart, especially with this little guardian angel looking over your loved ones.

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Send Trendy Tidings

To Your Chic Clients

This classic Black Gingham Print could only be complemented with another staple flavor: caramel! This combo is a great holiday gift for clients.

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Send Happy Mail For Hanukkah

To The Friend You Love A Latke

Whether you send one or eight, this gift has you covered for Hanukkah! Help a friend celebrate with our classic & cute pairing of a Warm Vanilla Candle + Happy Hanukkah print!