Love You

From BFF to bae - send some love today

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This deck of cards is dedicated to everlasting love.

Whether you’re together 24/7 or in a LDR, these 52 Ways to Stay In Love Cards are bound to have you and your partner back in the honeymoon stage in no time!


For Your True Love

Say ILY with a warm heart and a hot bath

No point in denying it (not that you’d try). You've found the one. Your soulmate, your forever-getting-butterflies type of bae. This calls for a gift that packs a lot of love, plus the promise of a relaxing bath!


For Your Everything

Say ILY with everything you got!

Let your bae know they mean everything to you with a gift that literally says so! The everything spice blend is delicious and timeless, just like you two.