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Send some spicy romance

Rose Petal Bath Bombs

Send your partner or galintine a Rose Petal bath bomb with the most gorgeous floral scent - rose petals float atop the water to give an at-home-spa experience, and the combo of coconut and avocado oil lock in moisture. Show them how much you really care.

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For Your True Love

Say ILY with a warm heart and a hot bath

No point in denying it (not that you’d try). You've found the one. Your soulmate, your forever-getting-butterflies type of bae. This calls for a gift that packs a lot of love, plus the promise of a relaxing bath!

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For Your Everything

Say ILY with everything you got!

Let your bae know they mean everything to you with a gift that literally says so! The Peach Bellini Hearts (Imported from Germany) is delicious and timeless, just like you two.