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Our fave design and gift combos

For Your Sweetest Friend

Say ILY with flowers & fragrance

A gift fit for the best Galentine around! She’s always there for you, and deserves a beautifully packaged, sweet-scented token of appreciation!


For The Strongest Females You Know

Say ILY with a pin for the win

She’s your bestie and so much more. She’s also your hero, your mentor and your biggest supporter. Give a gift that shows how much you appreciate the strength and love she brings to your life!


For Your Honey

Say ILY with a sweet surprise

You two don’t shy away from affection, or from treating yourselves. And there’s no better type of relationship! Ask your honey “will you bee mine?” with pretty Paris roses and a sweet jar of honey.

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For Your True Love

Say ILY with a warm heart and a hot bath

No point in denying it (not that you’d try). You've found the one. Your soulmate, your forever-getting-butterflies type of bae. This calls for a gift that packs a lot of love, plus the promise of a relaxing bath!


For Your Sister

Send a spa day in a box.

She's always been there for you, and now she's given you the best little niece/nephew you could ever ask for. Give her a pretty gift full of relaxation.

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