Green Tea Soap

*Sips Tea*

There's nothing better than a hot cuppa tea – except this Green Tea Soap!

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This dainty tea-time-beauty combines uplifting green tea with energizing hints of citrus and anise, and the delicate ingredients provide gentle cleansing. It's perfect for travel or everyday use, and the chic packaging looks great on display.

Combine the elegance of tea time with the relaxation of bathtime

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about the company

Soap & Paper began back in 2001 with a curiosity for making soap…. the old-fashioned way. Shannon and Lisa met way back in 2000 and began making soap as a “late night” affair, with a little vodka and some good tunes. These days they’ve grown beyond just soap (and paper!), but take pride in their product just like in the good old days.

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