Fancy Dots Print

Forget boring dots. These ones are better.

Are they flowers? Are they amoebas? Nope, they’re fancy dots and they are suhhh cute.

box price: $9.00


A little bit of texture on a simple pink background goes a long way. This print is a happy little number that’s sure to lift a friend up when they need it.

Pairs well with watching a 6-year-old blow all the white floaties off a dandelion.

about the company

Josephine Walz is an artist textile print and fashion designer, based in Cologne, Germany. She studied fashion design at Hochschule für Gestaltung and worked in the fashion and textile print design in the international fashion industry. In 2010 she founded BRASEdesign studio for fashion and textile design, where she loves to create hand painted prints.

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