DO Sprinkles Print

Shower Them in Sprinkles

For the person in your life who thinks cookie dough is a vegetable and always licks the bowl :)

box price: $15.00


Sugary-sweet and oh-so-cute! Kristen Tomlan, the Queen of Cookie Dough, brings you: the DŌ Print. Because there's nothing better than eating cookie dough right from the bowl. [LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!]

A print so cute you could eat it (but please don't - it's made of paper).

about the company

In her rule-breaking first book, Kristen Tomlan, the Queen of Cookie Dough, spills her secrets about how to make cookie dough safe-to-eat and more than 100 decadent ways to enjoy it. Featuring a mix of fan favorites from her famous New York City confectionery and never-before-seen creations, HELLO, COOKIE DOUGH has something for every sweet tooth.

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