Party Time: Open. Throw. Enjoy.

Multicolored pieces of bristol vellum paper sprinkled with gold pieces equals the perfect recipe for happiness. A Greetabl original.

gift price: $3.00


Crafted on textured paper in a little rainbow of peach, charcoal, ivory and gold, this pack of confetti is sure to work wonders on a case of the doldrums, but we say it’s perfect for any reason, anytime. Measuring just about one cup, it’s a perfectly packaged way to throw a party for one.

Encourage your loved one to sprinkle it around wherever they need a little cheer.


about the company

Occasionally, the team at Greetabl likes to get a little crafty ourselves. We designed this confetti because we're always looking for a reason to celebrate! Soft and subtle colors with a pop of gold make any celebration one to remember. Just grab, toss, smile and repeat.


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