From faraway nieces to young-at-heart sisters, we have you covered. These are the BEST surprises for your Easter peeps (pun intended).

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We believe in redefining the art of gifting for all to enjoy, so you can send-the-love without breaking the bank.


Easter: For your young-at-heart-but-totally-adult sib

This treat is definitely not just for kids.

Embrace your inner child with these nostalgic #tbt treats paired with a pretty pastel print.

sold out

Easter: for your nieces and nephews

2 discs of delish.

These chocolate bars (can we call them bars if they’re round?) are anything but average… and will make you the cool aunt (or uncle).

sold out

Easter: For your little kiddos

Crazy little marshmallow sandwiches.

A fluffy, raspberry, marshmallowy dream paired with a fancy dot print for your sister across state lines.


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