Travel Flask

For the thirsty traveler.

Send this and say "bottoms up!" to someone who is always on the go.

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This stainless steel flask by Izola is engraved with the words “Private Reserve.” But if you want to put something a little less fancy in it, we won’t tell. With dimensions at 3.5" x 3" x 1" and fitting 3 oz. of liquid, this cool little flask is perfect in a pinch.

For all of life’s little, “I could really use a drink right now,” moments.

about the company

Izola began over a decade ago with the idea of bringing great design to everyday objects and tools. What started as a side project for New York City photographer Neil Rasmus developed into an international lifestyle brand now based in Brooklyn, New York. Izola makes well-designed and stylish goods with an adventurous spirit.

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