Stone Shot Glass

That’s the spirit(s)!

Send this super chill-able soapstone shot glass to someone super cool.

gift price: $11.00
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Handcrafted in Agra, India – home of India’s finest stonemasons - Teroforma Chill Shot glasses are sourced from the highest quality soapstone and will not chip or dissolve. Put this shot glass in the freezer and watch ice crystals form the outside without diluting your drink!

Everyone deserves to take a shot in style.

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about the company

Teroforma is able to create thoughtfully designed objects for the table by enabling collaborations between a new generation of designers and some of the world’s finest master artisans. Co-founders Anna and Andrew like to think of Teroforma as a place where people can come together, share who they are, what they believe and the things they can imagine.

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