Lavender Soap

A moisturizing and relaxing must-have.

This bar of soap makes a great gift for those in need of a break. Packed with Shea Butter for extra moisturizing and calming aromas.

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This petite soap packs in a lot. Notes of lavender, bergamot and clove perfectly pamper your loved one, leaving them refreshed and relaxed. Beyond the uplifting fragrance and adorable packaging, this soap is responsibly made in New York. Completely vegan and never (ever!) tested on animals. Pretty much perfect to thank a friend for playing host. Size: 3 oz of pure relaxation.

Like skipping through a lavender field wearing rose-tinted glasses, this soap is happy and relaxing wrapped into one.

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about the company

Soap & Paper began back in 2001 with a curiosity for making soap…. the old-fashioned way. Shannon and Lisa met way back in 2000 and began making soap as a “late night” affair, with a little vodka and some good tunes. These days they’ve grown beyond just soap (and paper!), but take pride in their product just like in the good old days.


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