Large Caramel Box

Enough to Share!

You had me at "salted caramel"

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This buttery soft caramel is infused with vanilla extract and finished with crunchy Celtic grey salt. It's a great gift for couples and families because it comes with enough to share (but these caramels are so good that they may not want to). Each box contains approximately 16 individually wrapped pieces.

Featured at Magnolia Table (yes, SERIOUSLY!)

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about the company

Founder Jerrod Smith says, "Shotwell Candy is my life's work and legacy. In the beginning, I started making caramel in my home kitchen at night after coming home from my day job and after my wife and three daughters were sound asleep. It was my dream. My passion. I used simple, fresh ingredients, and timeless methods to make caramel in its best possible form."

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