Future So Bright Print

The future’s so bright, gotta wear shades.

Celebrations are awesome and so are sunglasses. Why don’t we combine them more often??

box price: $15.00


This extra adorable sunglasses print is perfect for your how-does-she-always-look-so-cute-in-shades bestie. Illustrator Juliet Meeks uses watercolor, gouache, and a little bit of that N'awlins charm to create these extra cute and super classy sunglasses. Perfect for new jobs, graduations, and general cheeriness.

Send <3 through these rose-tinted glasses.

about the company

Hailing from New Orleans, painter Juliet Meeks pours soul and jazz into all of her surface patterns. You’ll find her most days in her studio, which she shares with her dog Roxy. She’s often busy mixing watercolors or gouache paints and sharing her talent on Instagram.

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