Cup of Love Tea

Fill ‘Er Up: Love is good for you.

Send a little Cup of Love to someone who really needs it—this tasty, smooth tea (which is also great over ice!) claims to help reduce stress.

gift price: $8.00


Life can be tough. Work is stressful, an overflowing laundry bin is stressful, running out of chocolate is very stressful. Help a friend take a deep breath—and sweet sip—with this Cup of Love tea from Big Heart Tea Company. This mild, nurturing, naturally sweet rose tea helps reduce stress and increase smiles. Three servings.

Made with organic rose and organic tulsi, this tantalizing tea is sure to inspire refills. Perfect hot or on ice!

about the company

Inspired by the medicinal properties of tumeric, yogi Lisa Govro created Big Heart Tea Company which offers 21 herbal tea blends. Lisa sources the highest quality, organic herbs and spices with a higher essential oil content, which results in a more robust flavor.

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