Cup of Sunshine Tea

A healthy dose of happy

Nothing brightens up a day like a Cup of Sunshine delivered directly to your door. Perfect for cheering up and celebrations, this tea makes a perfect gift.

gift price: $8.50


This handmade blend of turmeric, ginger and malabar peppercorn pack a triple punch. A cure for everything from immune systems to rainy days, this loose leaf blend is sure to bring cheer to your faraway friend. Three delicious servings, steep for 2 minutes, best either hot or cold.

It's like sending a big, happy, warm hug. Bring on the sunshine!

about the company

Inspired by the medicinal properties of turmeric, yogi Lisa Govro created Big Heart Tea Company which offers 21 herbal tea blends. Lisa sources the highest quality, organic herbs and spices with a higher essential oil content, which results in a more robust flavor.

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