Enneagram Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gifts for all 9 Types

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your Type 1 boss, your Type 5 husband, or your Type 9 bestie, we've got the perfect, meaningful gift ideas for everyone.

Type 1: For the Reformer

Organizational Gifts with a Purpose

Send your purposeful perfectionist a gift to stay on track. The Goals Leather Journal is perfectly sized to capture on-the-go inspiration, for the go-getter who never stops dreaming (and if that doesn't describe the Type 1's in our lives, we don't know what does!).


Type 2: For the Helper

Heart-Centered Gifts for the Person Who Cares

Helpers love to show others that they care and often skip out on self-care. Send a Rose Petal Bath Bomb to give them the gift they won't give themselves.

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Type 3: For the Achiever

The Gift On-The-Go

Ah, those Achievers! They can be hard to shop for, but gifts that enable them to be more efficient, more successful, or to achieve their health and fitness goals are a great fit. Send the Lemon Lime Hand Sanitizer to accompany their busy lifestyle.


Type 4: For the Individualist

Individual, Personalized Gifts for the Totally Unique Type 4

Individualists like to know that they are unique, but it's also really important to show them that they are deeply understood. Send the Type 4 in your life a little encouragement with the You're Actually Amazing Keychain and You're My Lobster design.

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Type 5: For the Investigator

For the Person Who Thinks the Book is Always Better

Cerebral, perceptive, and the ultimate collector of knowledge. The Library Scented Candle is sure to be a hit with the Type 5's on your list. It's perfect for a night in thinking deep thoughts and exploring new ideas.

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Type 6: For the Loyalist

Quality Time for the Loyal Type

Loyalists are the committed, security-oriented type. Show them that you love them as much as they love you with the Girls' Night In a Box and XOXO Happy Mail design.


Type 7: For the Enthusiast

Celebrate the Person Who Always Brings the FUN!

Fun-loving and spontaneous, Enthusiasts are definitely the life of the party! Send them something just as fun as they are with the Shine So Bright Quote Card.


Type 8: For the Challenger

Even Leaders Need Encouragement Sometimes

The Challenger type is known for being intense, self-confident, and assertive - and those qualities make them great leaders! They're the ones who tell it how it is and get stuff done. Motivate them on their latest mission with the You Got This Socks.

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Type 9: For the Peacemaker

The Gift of Good (Non-Confrontational) Vibes

What would we do without the Peacemakers? Type 9's are accepting, easy-going, and they hold the rest of us together like glue. Send them good vibes for inner stability and peace of mind with the Breathe Deeply Essential Oil Spray.


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