Raspberry Marshmallows

This treat is definitely not just for kids.

There aren’t enough opportunities to eat marshmallows these days. They’re just as delish as always, but somehow there just seem to be fewer skewers and bonfires. Well now they’re back, baby!

gift price: $4.00


We’re all kids at heart. But as ‘grown-ups’ there are 2 things we really miss: opening up gifts, and taking a huge bite right into a big, fluffy marshmallow. Infused with raspberry and sandwiched between dark chocolate shortbread, these marshmallows don’t just bring back the nostalgia, they change the game. A delightful blend of raspberry + chocolate, these Malvi marshmallows are the perfect little treat. Two big pink marshmallow sandwiches per package.

A fluffy, raspberry dream that’s been handmade with extra love in Georgia.

about the company

Laura Curtis Retana was working as a research and development chef in New York when she came up with that first magenta, tangy-sweet, raspberry hibiscus marshmallow and sandwiched it between two dark chocolate shortbread cookies. Her husband, Paris, suggested they call the square marshmallow-cookie sandwich a "Malvi", short for the Spanish word for marshmallow, malvavisco.

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