Nail Care Kit

Self pampering 101

A wise NBC show once told us all to remember to #treatyoself. But for the friends that need a reminder, send them this adorable Nail Care Kit.

gift price: $16.00


This kit comes with a sophisticated polish and a handy matchbook nail file so your BFF never gets caught with a snagged nail again. The polish uses a long-lasting formula while staying away from harmful chemicals found in most lacquers, so your lucky gift-getting-friend can treat themselves while feeling great about it.

A cute present that pampers.

about the company

Founded in 2015, Odeme creates accessory collections for the modern woman at home, at work, and at play. With considered design and a fresh palette, our products bring a celebratory spirit – where youthful pop meets timeless femininity – to objects that are both fun and functional.

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