Floral Parade Print

A whirlwind of happy vibes.

Juliet Meek’s happy pattern is like a floral upbeat pop song. Pops of color and happy shapes will make your friend happy the moment they dig in.

box price: $10.00


Handpainted with love, this design is the epitome of good vibes. Illustrator Juliet Meeks pours a ton of love into this happy-go-lucky print, perfect for sisters, BFF’s and faraway friends. Happy mixed with sweet and thoughtful, this pattern is sure to please.

Marching band meets colorful florals, this print is one of the sweetest out there.

about the company

Hailing from New Orleans, painter Juliet Meeks pours soul and jazz into all of her surface patterns. You’ll find her most days in her studio, which she shares with her dog Roxy. She’s often busy mixing watercolors or gouache paints and sharing her talent on Instagram.

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