Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

We're dough-eyed for these bites

From your bestie to your mom to your boss, if they have even the slightest sweet tooth, this is a delicious gift they won’t forget!

gift price: $10.50
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Theres no greater guilty pleasure than munching on some cookie dough. Now imagine that covered in rich milk chocolate! Not to mention, they’re a certified Team Greetabl fave.

Or, as we like to call them, little bites of heaven.

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about the company

Growing up as an avid candy connoisseur, Wes knew that he had a passion, some would even call it an obsession for candy. At Wes Candy Co. all flavors are carefully sourced to match every person's flavor pallet. They never fall short on quality, which is why happiness is only one taste away!

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