Botanical Facial Steam

Floral + herbal and 100% organic

Calendula flowers, Rose Petals, Rosehip, Jasmine Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Dandelion Root, Witch Hazel Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Yarrow Leaf, Elder Flowers

gift price: $12.00


Add hot water to release the healing properties the steam creates. The warm steam opens pores and helps to reduce inflammation. For multiple uses, add to a clay mask for a full facial treatment.

A super relaxing multi-benefit must-have.

about the company

Jessica, a west coast native, has been living and creating in New York City for over six years. She began making her products in December of 2008 and knew she was onto something special. A crafty, hands-on person by nature, her interests range far and wide but at the center of it all is natural skin care.

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